Sunday, August 21, 2011

iPhone Review - Zombie Crasher - Let's crash some zombies!

Zombie Crasher is a fun and exciting endless running genre game which has graphics that reminds me of the 90s arcade game, which is great for someone who experienced and enjoyed these types of game. You control an army guy who literally crashes into zombies and avoids obstacles. You control the timing of the jumps and attacks and aim to get a big combo for a bigger score and to add into your fever gauge. If you miss a platform, the game instantly ends. The game is split into areas, and you know you’re at the end, when you face one of the random bosses.

As I stated previously, the graphics remind me of the old sprite-based arcade games of the 90s. The artwork is pretty appealing and even in the small screen of the iPhone, the main character stands out, up the point of having a red nose after picking up the bottle of wine object. There are several different types of zombies, including stationary and fast-moving ones that will pose quite a challenge. The end of area bosses are great! I love the unique character designs of each boss character. They are hilarious and nasty at the same time, and they have each their own method to kill. I have come across around three different bosses, and I’m sure I’ll come across more later.

Fun Factor:
The game is about getting the right timing for your taps, and beyond that, its a gameplay of endurance and how long you can keep your combo going. To me, the gameplay is just right, since I can choose to play it whenever I want, whether as a time killer or as a game I really sit down and play. Its fast, fun and adrenaline-pumping gameplay once you get the hang of it.

One things for sure, the game doesn’t have many modes, but the lastability in the game’s case is how I repeatedly keep coming back to the game to beat my own score, to see how far I can go. I haven’t even started trying to go against the global leaderboard. This game definitely has that “Just one more try” factor. For every game you play, you gain coins, and with the coins, you can purchase items to aid in your game, like heli support, health, triple jumps, and etc. So, the more you spend time with the game, the more you can buy items to help you last longer each run.

Its a game that will be on my iPhone as a casual game that I come back to, but I do wish there’s GameCenter support for the leaderboards and achievements. I would love to see Retina support too, but what’s important is the gameplay, which I find entertaining.

Recommended 4/5
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