Tuesday, December 8, 2009

Crafty Heart - Business Card Design


Debbie a.k.a Phatelara of Crafty Heart and a blogger friend of mine entrusted me to create a card for her online craft business, and I enjoyed taking up the challenge. The mission - to create a card that shows the crafty side of her business, with appeal for a largely female demographic, and making it appealing and refreshing.

Debbie chose the primary colours of pink and black, which goes quite well with the design I had in mind. I created a custom illustration of a button to symbolise the business' primary focus, which is crafts, and I added a heart to compliment and enforce the name of  "Crafty Heart". In addition to that, I put in some stitch trails to further strengthen the general theme of the card.  I chose a layout thats slightly out of the norm to show that Crafty Heart produces creative arts and crafts.

She was quite happy with the end result, and nothing makes a designer feel better than a satisfied customer.
Thanks Debbs!
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