Monday, March 9, 2009

Panda revamped for blog header

A year ago I made a special quick drawing of a Valentine's panda for Choul. Just yesterday Choul wanted to reuse the panda as her blog header. I decided to surprise her with a vector remake of that drawing, and I did a simple custom header for her as well. The surprise wasn't really a surprise since she knew I was vectoring that panda after a short glance at the screen.

I didn't change much of the original painting aside from adding a thicker black outline, and changing the heart colour to a reddish gradient instead of pink. Added a little bit of bulk to the panda to add a dash of cute in him. Here's the vector version:

After that, with a bit of mucking around with typography and some simple editing, I managed to come up with this header:

On other news, you may have noticed that I changed the header for this blog. This time I just played with 3D typography and again, using heavy outlines. Even created a separate vertical design to be used as a button on my personal blog:

Well, that's it for the latest update. I'm trying my very best to come up with something great for foldees' latest contest which is ending very soon. Hope I get to make it on time. Wish me luck :).

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