Monday, December 28, 2009

Wacom Intuos 3 6x11 (Wide) Japan Spec For Sale

To anyone who is interested, and is in Klang Valley (Malaysia), I'm selling my Wacom Intuos3 6x11 which was bought from Japan. It comes with everything in the box just like the Malaysian model, with one big difference; it comes with a mouse, and that costs RM169 according to Wacom's pricelist. I would really love to hold on to this but I have another Wacom tablet with me that I use. It has always been in the box, rarely used, since I didn't get the chance to really test it out as a result of procrastination. Interested? Read on...

Sunday, December 27, 2009

Portrait of a girl

A few days ago I had a WIP of a painting I did, which was a Portrait of a girl. Here's the complete version PLUS you can see the BIG changes that happen while I was painting it. Most of the time, I do massive changes from the original sketch, as you can see from this one. Read more to see the changes.

Friday, December 25, 2009

Portrait of a girl WIP

Just another portrait of a girl, you might say, but I just took out my Wacom tablet and started drawing again. Sure feels good. Here's a WIP (work in progress) of the portrait I'm working on. Trying out a couple of new techniques from tutorials. Will upload the update soon.

Tuesday, December 8, 2009

Just Press Play Header Design

Shemah of Just Press Play, another blogger friend of mine, wanted a redesign for her film-centric entertainment blog, as she wanted a revamped look that was appealing to her blog readers and herself. She wanted a recharge to kickstart the blog to bring it back to its prime.

Firstly, I looked for a more energetic colour palette to coincide with the colourful world of movies. And it may be cliche, but a filmreel always does the job in symbolising films, movies and cinemas. My mission was to a header that's eye-catching but simple and uncluttered. I wouldn't want to distract the blog readers from the quality content she has. Here's my header design -

And here's the before and after..

Original Header

Redesigned Header

I created the header and she changed the colour scheme accordingly. I think her blog looks much better now, and I'm not trying to self promote myself (well, maybe a little ;P). She was happy with the new header too, so its all good!

Thanks Shemah!

Crafty Heart - Business Card Design


Debbie a.k.a Phatelara of Crafty Heart and a blogger friend of mine entrusted me to create a card for her online craft business, and I enjoyed taking up the challenge. The mission - to create a card that shows the crafty side of her business, with appeal for a largely female demographic, and making it appealing and refreshing.

Debbie chose the primary colours of pink and black, which goes quite well with the design I had in mind. I created a custom illustration of a button to symbolise the business' primary focus, which is crafts, and I added a heart to compliment and enforce the name of  "Crafty Heart". In addition to that, I put in some stitch trails to further strengthen the general theme of the card.  I chose a layout thats slightly out of the norm to show that Crafty Heart produces creative arts and crafts.

She was quite happy with the end result, and nothing makes a designer feel better than a satisfied customer.
Thanks Debbs!

Friday, September 18, 2009

DBH Halloweek 3 Contest Entry - Bam-Boo!

Hello again. I know I haven't updated much, so I'm making up for it with this contest entry. I would say its one of my best illustrations ever, not technically, but for its idea. Well, I'd like to think so. Its my 2nd attempt in DBH, but this time I designed it specifically for t-shirts, using the t-shirt dimensions as a canvas. Here's the design and placement on t-shirt,

Support my t-shirt design, vote for me HERE

As you all may know, pandas eat bamboos. A lot of bamboos. What if the bamboo trees had souls, and decides to come back and haunt the pandas. This particular design illustrates how a bamboo can actually, be spooky and scare an unknowing panda.

Premise of the design is, the soul leaves the bamboo shell and goes around the back of the t-shirt, only to come back just beside the wearers neck to proceed with its devilish deed.

Here's a slightly closer look at my design,

Support my t-shirt design, vote for me HERE

If you like it, please support my design and vote for me HERE. I really hope I can get this printed because I myself want to try wearing it. Talk about self-promotion. Thanks for viewing and thanks in advance for voting!
To all who have voted for me, I thank you too!

Friday, August 7, 2009

Career Success Coach - Logo & Business Card Design

Recently, I had the opportunity of designing the logo and business card for a new company. Its a company that offers career training of various levels in the corporate sector.

Originally, I created a logo that reflects a stopwatch. I was happy with it, but the logo didn't convey the "career" side of things, so I decided to go with a humanoid logo. The concept of the logo is of a person raising his/her arms in the air in a victory stance, which conveys success. The necktie is there to portray that the person is a corporate employee.

Thursday, June 25, 2009

Illustration Friday: Drifting

I chose to draw on the topic of car drifting immediately after I saw the topic being announced. Fox beat me to it, but it has been in my mind for ages, so I had to sketch something out. Pardon the mess, I drew this from scratch, including the dodgy car design.

Concept: A professional racer drifts his car. Simple.

Sunday, June 21, 2009

Operation Gift Drop

In 2006, I made another attempt with Wacom's e-greeting card contest. I wanted to give something flashier, so this time around I had the idea of putting Santa on poster, similar to what you see on film posters.

So the concept of illustration is, Santa is portrayed as an action hero, and the premise is that Santa has lost his loyal reindeers. But Christmas goes on and he has to complete the "job" of delivering all the presents. That's why its personal for him, and that's why it's called Operation Gift Drop. I drew Santa currently skydiving; equipped with night vision goggles to help him in the dark.

I thought it was a unique card, but alas, I didn't win anything. I did enjoy the execution of my idea though. :)

Click Read More to see the process flow of this artwork.

First, I sketched out a (very) rough outline of what type of posture I wanted Santa to be in.

And this is the completed outline. Sorry to skip a big step, but I didn't have any screenshots of how the sketch of Santa looked like.

At this point I added the pattern outlines to form a custom camouflage pattern for Santa's suit.

With a black-filled background, I painted the colours on Santa's suit, though I mistakenly added highlights in it as well.

I coloured Santa's beard and hair with all the highlights and shadows here. Also, I completed colouring his face. I also toned down the pattern outlines as I thought they were too distracting.

Added appropriate highlights on Santa generally

Added background elements including a lighted horizon, which is supposed to be reflections of the night-time lights, and I added a moon within clouds for dramatic effect.

Added highlights that matches the moon colour to make Santa blend with the background. Street lights were added, using a picture as reference. It was mostly just strategically positioned dots. You could probably see that. :P

Here's the final result, with addition of text, and a bit of motion blur on Santa to show some sense of speed while he's skydiving.

Hope you enjoyed this post. 'Til then.

Tuesday, June 9, 2009

Graffiti - Mouse Pouch

Just had to draw something and this what (sadly) I came up with. A sketch of the mouse pouch included in the laptop bag I purchased

Thursday, May 28, 2009

Random sketches - Cat and Chair

I've been wanting to get back into drawing and sketching with the tablet, so I decided to just draw whatever I could find. I'm getting back into it now, I hope to get some presentable works in here soon enough. At the moment, just bear with me heheh.

This is a drawing of a cat sleeping on a clothes hanger, based on a picture I got from an email. I just had to draw something and this was stored in my laptop.

And this is simply a drawing of a chair right in front of my face in the office.

Thanks for viewing :)

Monday, May 25, 2009

Santa spoofs The Ring

Hi again folks, I just realised that this is officially the 50th post for this blog, I know its not too much, but at least the blog is moving after a long hiatus. Thanks to my readers and followers for supporting me and for consistently dropping by my humble blog.

Unfortunately, its another blast from the past, but I figured its still something new for this blog.

Back in 2005, I wanted to enter Wacom's e-greeting card contest, in hopes of winning any one of their tablets, being a big Wacom fan myself. Was going for the funniest card title but I didn't make it in time. Its a bit messy, but I'm still proud that I managed to finish and materialise my idea.

Concept of the illustration? Well, Santa's found a new mode of transport, where he can warp through TV signals (farfetched I know) and because of this he can "teleport" to the TVs of the house he's visiting to leave presents. Unfortunately, he scares a mom and her child by crawling out of their TV, which is coincidentally in an unlit part of the household. Hilarity ensues as he looks more like the ghost that crawls out of the TV from The Ring.

Anyway as usual, here's the process flow of my greeting card non-entry:

Original very rough sketch for composition

Blocked in some flat colours and minor shadows

Smoothed out the colours on Santa and added details to his bag

Scrapped the details on Santa and added a lot of black for exaggeration

Finalised the details for the Xmas tree, mom, boy and the carpet.

Final artwork with appropriate comic text

Looking back at it, I think I've could have executed the idea better. Hope you enjoy the post. 'Til then!

Sunday, May 10, 2009

Kamal - Hari Ini Single Cover Art

My brother, the singer, released a single a couple of months back, marking his return into singing after being in a lonnggg hiatus. He released his single in GuaMuzik, so anyone interested should check him out there and support him by purchasing the song. He employed me to redo his cover art, as he wanted something that he'd like personally. Its nothing big, really, simple and functional, just the way he wants it. I took a shot of him with an off white backdrop and did the cutting and editing in Photoshop.

The photo

The finished cover art

Tuesday, May 5, 2009

Thanks for your support!

Foldees contest winners has just been announced but my card didn't get in the list. Just like to say to all who have helped rated my card, I appreciate it very much. I'll have to improve my designs further to get anywhere near the list of winners.

Thursday, April 23, 2009

A Tribute For Juju

Another blast from the past.

This is the late Juju (pronounced joojoo), my family's cat for 17 years. She is of Burman/Persian mixed breed. We call her Juju because she's cross-eyed, and in Malay (or Bahasa Malaysia) cross-eyed is Juling. So we just took the Ju from Juling and doubled it :) Truth is, Juju was closest to me, cause I could mimic her sound exactly and I played with her a lot during my teenage years. Basically, I was very attached to Juju, and I never thought she'd leave this sudden. She died because she couldn't eat, as her teeth were gone and she had ulcers in her mouth. She died at the vet, as the doctors couldn't do anything even when put on the drip.

I did this in Painter, tried to get the details right as much as possible but the picture I had of Juju was pretty small. I played with several different brushes for this including airbrushes, oils and blenders. This was my first attempt on painting a cat.

Rough sketch based on her picture.

Painting in the general colours.

Final colours under the original sketch

Added a brown background colour

Added some elements to add texture and fill the negative spaces

The completed painting of Juju.

Hope you guys like it. I sure miss having a pet cat.

Sunday, April 12, 2009

Relaxed in Pajamas : Illustration for for Blog Layout

Earlier on before Choul became my wife, she requested an illustration to go with her blog theme, and since she supported (and sometimes art directed) a number of my artworks, I obliged :). She wanted something cute, and colourful, and panda's have a special place in her heart. I don't usually create cute artwork but I'm pretty proud of this one, especially with the colours I've chosen. To the loyal readers of O3PE, you might notice that I've put this up before in my old post named Panda-monium, but the purpose of this post is to show (briefly) the steps I took to create the artwork. Note that I used OpenCanvas to create this.

Completed sketch drafted using blue lines for easy inking.

Inked digitally with black

Added the extra elements; magazine, Zune and a panda plushie. Tried minor colouring as well.

Blocked flat colours for all elements, still not final.

Painted in monotone blue to get values of highlights and shadows.

The final artwork completed.

Well, hope you enjoyed viewing this post, this was created a couple of years ago, but I'm still quite proud of this work. And yeah, Choul likes it too. 'Til then.

Wednesday, April 1, 2009

Foldees "Where No Man Has Gone Before" Entry

Its time again for foldees' latest contest, and this time the theme is entitled "Where No Man Has Gone Before". The premise is simple, you have to design a birthday card with a sci-fi (science fiction) theme. Since there's a lot of sci-fi flicks out there, I decided to spoof the most recognisable sci-fi flick/franchise known to man, Star Wars (now now, don't get angry Trekkies). Check it out:

A Jedi Special Day

Cover of the card

Inside of the card

At the cover, Yoda is depicted as talking to a budding Jedi, which is directed to the audience, I guess they should be called Jedience? Ok lame joke. Anyway, he speaks in his usual grand master-ish manner and says that its a special day today, with a serious face, the face that he usually makes when he gives advice or orders.

When the reader opens the card, Yoda surprises them with two things, a special unique light saber that is remodeled in such a way that it functions as cake knife. He presents this blue saber "knife" to the reader WHILE actively floating the birthday cake, while smiling too. And that clearly reminds you why he's a master Jedi. R2D2 gets out of hiding and joins the fun (equipped with party hat) all because its party time for A Jedi Special Day.

Before the Star Wars experts ask, there are two reasons why I chose a Blue Light Saber.
  1. Its supposed to be a gift from Yoda, so its not his Green Light Saber.
  2. Try as I might, the Blue Light Saber version wins hands down when printed

Rating has just started on 1st of April, and it will run 'til the 1st of May, there's still plenty of time to rate, so if you have the time, please rate the cards, and if you like my card, show your support and give me a good score. To start, go here and make sure you've registered with Foldees. This time around its more or less 40 cards in the running, so it won't be that tedious :) besides you get a free card.

So, ladies and gentleman, please head on down to and start rating! Gimme a good score and please rate the others fairly.

Remember, don't rate this post, instead, rate my card AT, I won't gain anything if you just rate my blog post :P


Monday, March 30, 2009

MINI Space - Always Open entry

I managed to create a design for the competition MINI Space is hosting, with the theme "Always Open". I know I don't have a huge fanbase, and its hard to go against established designers, but I had this idea of colours coming out of the Mini. I would say its very similar to what I've pictured in my mind. If you like my design, please vote for me here by clicking "I like it!" on the thumbnail of the design. Here's the entry:

So remember, vote for me! Thanks very much in advance!

Friday, March 13, 2009

Stylized Guile From Street Fighter - The Full Version

Here's the bigger version of my previous post. Rather than let it go to waste I'll show the actual artwork, so I apologise for the duplicate.

Thursday, March 12, 2009

Stylized Guile From Street Fighter

Another in the series of stylised Street Fighter characters. This time its Guile.


Wednesday, March 11, 2009

Stylized Blanka from Street Fighter

Here's a stylised boxy Blanka I created by playing with shapes. I recently bought Capcom's Street Fighter 4 and I'm kinda liking the series once again back when Street Fighter 2 was famous.

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