Wednesday, August 6, 2008


I'm a big video gamer, and I play my Xbox360 quite a lot. One of my favourite games is Call of Duty 4 : Modern Warfare (COD4). I play the game almost every night with other Malaysians via Xbox Live, Microsoft's Xbox360-only gaming network. I laugh like hysterical hyena playing with the other funny folks, and this logo came out because of our recent trend.

In COD4, you can use the phletora of guns to kill or you can use the knife, which is no easy feat, since you're suppose to go up close and personal. If you get killed by a knife, its considered to be a humiliation to all of us in the community. One of my buddies (Shuvit a.k.a Yunus) coined the term "sapu taik" which means "smearing shit" in english. Why smear shit? Well, he says that the humiliation is so big that its like smearing shit on the (victim's) face. The phrase "sapu taik" catches on among the community and I decided to make a dedicated logo for my sapu taik adventures. Here's the signature (sig) I did for forum posts.

Its nothing much, but my plan was to put it as a signature as a joke and/or to annoy.

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