Saturday, October 27, 2007

How to make an image look like a newspaper cutout

Just decided to fool around with Photoshop today, and after getting permission from the model in the picture (heheh thanks Choul), I'll post this up.

Reading this book on Retro styling, there was an article on how to make photos look like its from old newspapers. Unfortunately, I don't remember all of the tutorial, so I guess I'll just give it my best shot. So here's the original picture.

So, my goal is to make the picture look like a black and white newspaper cutout from a newspaper. Here are the steps taken:

  1. Desaturated the original image, to make it black and white.
  2. Increased the contrast using the Brightness/Contrast sliders. Don't ask why, it just works and that's what the book said.
  3. Applied a Halftone filter (twice, I wasn't satisfied with once). Its at Filter > Sketch > Halftone Pattern.
  4. By now I've got the image looking somewhat like a newspaper photo. Next, I lassoed the picture with random mouse strokes to make it look like a tearaway.
  5. Ctrl-X, to cut the selection out, and move it to a new document. I have two layers now, Background and the one I pasted.
  6. Applied a Drop Shadow effect on the layer to make it look more "paper-ish"
  7. Filled in the bottom layer with a slightly saturated colour, to put emphasis on the newspaper cutout.
  8. The end
Here's the final result:

Yeah I know its not much, but hey, its sufficient for a 5-10 minute job. :)

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